Who Should Take This Tour?


New York and How It Got that Way is designed to spark ideas, start arguments, and send people to the internet to prove points.

How could the Dutch be more important than the English?
No way!

What’s with Alexander Hamilton and the skyscrapers?
That’s a stretch!

Ever heard of Andrew Haswell Green, the Father of Greater New York?
Probably not. He deserves more than just the dog run named after him.

Recognize the name John Randel?
Without him New York City would not be New York City.

What do you mean the place almost fell apart several times?

New York’s always been Numero Uno, right?
Not so fast.

These are just a few of the in-your-face points to absorb, or argue over, during this 4 hour history tour of Manhattan.

Who’s it for?

Veteran New Yorkers

Inspiration for this tour began because so few native New Yorkers seem to know who the city’s home-grown heroes are. John Randel gets a “who?” Andrew Haswell Green is the Forgotten Father of New York City. And there are an astonishing number of people have no idea who Jane Jacobs was. This tour wants to introduce locals to illustrious and feisty forefathers and foremothers who influence every step you take in this one-off city of ours.

New New Yorkers

“This is the tour I’ve been looking for,” is the usual accolade from those who have landed here recently. It’s a crash course in the accomplishments of extraordinary people whose legacy goes as deep and wide as the city is long and tall.

Domestic Visitors

OK, you’ve said it’s a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live here. That’s fair. NYC pretty intense. But MANHATTAN PASSPORT wants you to come away saying “It’s an astonishing place to visit. I wouldn’t want to live there, but I can’t wait to come back for more.”

Overseas Visitors

New York is like no other city you’ve been to before. Mostly because it was founded by a country that was like no other. MANHATTAN PASSPORT bets you haven’t take a tour like this anywhere else. Even if you’ve been here and done this and that, you will come away with new insights. And you’ll have a great bibliography to help you further explore until your next visit.

Corporate Groups

This tour celebrates the great entrepreneurs that made New York what it is today with their bold, rule-smashing ideas and never-take-no-for-an-answer attitude. Anyone who spends a few hours in the company of the Dutch, Alexander Hamilton, DeWitt Clinton and other visionaries will come away with renewed confidence in his or her own ideas.

Who else? Family reunions, university and corporate groups, alumni and business associations. And anyone interested in learning how a trading post in the middle of nowhere grew into the center of the world.


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