Early praise for New York
And How It Got That Way


We recently bought a co-op in Manhattan. Ina previewed some of the tour highlights for us over dinner recently. My wife Marcelle and I can’t wait to take the full tour. As newcomers, this is just the introduction to New York we’ve been looking for.

Dr. Gary Hoffman

Surgeon, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

I met heroes I never knew existed. John Randel, Jr. Andrew Haswell Green. Without them the city I have lived in all my life would be a very different place.

George Vecsey

Author, former sports columnist, New York Times

I lived in Manhattan for 10 years. No one ever told us about John Randel. This tour did. He was only 20 when he was handed a map and hired to measure Manhattan and make the famous grid. He did it against great odds. Every high school kid should know about this guy and be inspired by him.

Adam Kemezis

Associate Professor of Classics, University of Alberta

The day after taking this tour I was already looking at my city in a different way. I thought I knew my city’s history from all I had read. But discovered I never really understood how its social norms had developed. The city came alive for me and made me prouder than ever to call myself a New Yorker.

Wendy Ormond

Lawyer, lifelong New Yorker

In a city like New York that is constantly rebuilding itself history sometimes falls by the wayside.  MANHATTAN PASSPORT’s tour goes far beyond typical sightseeing. I never associated Alexander Hamilton with SoHo. Now I get it. Layers of New York’s rich history and architecture are unpeeled and explained clearly. The expert guides enrich the sights with interesting anecdotes and facts.  I would strongly recommend the tour for tourists and residents alike.

Andrew Zacks

Veteran New Yorker, retired investment adviser, voracious reader

My family was deeply influenced by Andrew Carnegie and his “Gospel of Wealth.” He inspired us and many others to share our great good fortune and showed us how to do it. Carnegie chose libraries; The Kress Foundation chose museums and other large and small causes. This tour gives Carnegie well deserved praise for the good he inspired and continues to inspire

Francesca Kress

Psychologist, Philanthropist

We all sang the Erie Canal song in school and  learned that the canal was important to New York City. But the teachers didn’t mention it  was a wild and crazy project and that everyone working on it drank whiskey with breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between. I was constantly astonished to learn stuff like this.

Judith Gerrard

Gerrard + Tan Architects, New York

MANHATTAN PASSPORT asked me to vet the text on Alexander Hamilton. I loved it. Can’t wait to take the tour the next time I visit New York.

Jeanne Fogle

Historian and Tour Guide, Washington, DC.

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