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Founded in 1984 by former journalist (New York Times, Rome bureau) and teacher (American English, European Union, Brussels), MANHATTAN PASSPORT is dedicated to showcasing New York City for corporate incentive, special interest, study, cultural and other groups.

In a crowded field of excellent destination management companies, MANHATTAN PASSPORT shines with its fully customized and imaginative group visits to New York City.

In an admittedly expensive city, MANHATTAN PASSPORT stands out for including free or low cost options to keep costs down. Not incidentally, such planning turns visits into experiences and offers travelers insights into what it is like to live in New York City.

Years before anyone thought it necessary, MANHATTAN PASSPORT pioneered environmentally friendly ways to explore and enjoy a visit to The Big Apple.

MANHATTAN PASSPORT is represented by Destinations Unlimited, a selection of the finest DMCs worldwide.

How to get the most from your destination management company:


Many requests for incentives that land on my desk have three things in common:

- A desire for WOW experiences
- The necessity of having the proposal the next day or sooner
- Not enough information to meet either requirement

The road to WOW is paved with great information.

Here are suggestions of what we need to create the winning proposal you seek as fast, and as complete, as you seek it.

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Each inquiry is followed up with a phone interview. Clients receive a custom tailored proposal with a line-by-line budget.


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    MANHATTAN PASSPORT has just introduced the first in a series of in-depth tours that introduce New Yorkers and visitors alike to the astonishing history of Manhattan.

    New York and How It Got That Way

    Visionaries, Dreamers and Schemers
    and How They Shaped The Look and
    Outlook of Manhattan.

    From Henry Hudson’s mistaking the Hudson River for a passage to India, to Jane Jacobs’ preventing Manhattan from becoming a corridor between New Jersey and Long Island, the tour tells the tale of how a little trading post transformed itself into the financial and cultural capital of the United States.

    Tour Overview   Customizations
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